10 most common DJ questions

1. Will you play requests and what is our style?

Yes, we sure will. This is your event, and you will hear whatever music YOU choose, not our DJs. Please know that if you have a song on the "DO NOT PLAY" list, we will not play that, even if it is requested.

2. Do you carry back-up equipment?

Scott Entertainment always carry back up cables, and mixers. We also carry back up speakers, microphones and amps. Our speakers are high quality speakers made by EV, JBL, and QSC with built in amps. We know how to use them and they are tested weekly.. In fact, they would be the last piece of equipment we have that would have a problem. They are just that good.

3. Do you carry liability insurance?

We sure do. Every professional DJ should. It’s available through the national DJ association( American Disc Jockey Association) we belong to and protects everybody in the case of emergency. A copy can be provided upon request.

4. Do you use professional audio equipment, including a wireless microphone?

Our audio equipment is up to standard with the industry in every way. Everything is up to date, brand new products from EV, JBL, QSC and Sony. We use EV, JBL and QSC speakers with Shure wireless microphones for all events. We run our music on laptops and Mac with the best DJ programs available. We have a music catalog of thousands of songs spanning every genre from the 40's to today top hits, and know that these lists are updated daily to make sure that Scott Entertainment are on the cutting edge of new music!

5. Do you have experience with weddings?

Scott Entertainment has been in business since 1992. Every year we are constantly learning the new trends in weddings and events to ensure your party is unique and tailored to your personal wants and needs.

6. How will you be dressed?

We also confer with the client to see what they prefer.

7. How early will you arrive?

We always arrive a minimum 1.5 to 2 hours early. This allows for set up and the sound check of equipment. This is something we offer at no charge. Your price quote has nothing to do with this part of the service.

8. Will you meet me in person to plan my event?

We will if requested. We will meet and talk to you as many times as you feel necessary. We want your event to be perfect.

9. Do you over book events/ weddings?

No, we will never overbook! In total, Scott Entertainment has 9 DJs on staff, and Scott Entertainment will never book more than 7 events on one day, leaving 2 DJs as back up if it is needed.

10. What makes this DJ service unique?

At Scott Entertainment, we care for your event as if it was our own. Scott Entertainment see to it that you are stress free when planning your event. After all, planning should be fun and exciting! Scott Entertainment guarantees that if you call or email us, you will receive a followup within 24 to 48 hours. Scott Entertainment always is trying to be assessable to out clients.